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vicarious, farr-off nceca enjoyment

updated wed 26 apr 00


Toni Martens on tue 25 apr 00

That old Atlantic pond is a bit wide for me to swim, but Cheryl
Littman ( may many blessings rest lightly upon her!) sent me a
bunch of posters she collected at NCECA even one signed to me
by Soldner, so he signs lots of them? *I* only have one
So I can stare at lots of pots and creations and and dream and in a
small way I was there. What a wonderful thing to do for a far off
I wonder if anyone caught sight of the virtual mug of mine that was
there on the table? It was only a glimmer and maybe you would
only have been able to see it from the corner of your eye?
So nice to be part of it all in a cyberish way.
Toni M, South Africa