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joyce michaud's master throwing classes

updated sat 29 apr 00


Olivia T Cavy on thu 27 apr 00

I phoned Joyce Michaud at Hood College, in Frederick, MD, to ask her
about dates for the next Master's Throwing Classes, and she mentioned
that due to cancellations, there are still a couple of slots in the May
4-7th workshop, and although the August 3-6th workshop is filling fast,
there is still room in this one, too. You can telephone Joyce at the
college at: 301-696-3526 for more information. The workshop takes place
from Thursday morning through Sunday.


Bonnie D. Hellman, Pittsburgh, PA

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C J TRIPP on fri 28 apr 00

How good a thrower does one have to be to take this workshop? I've emailed
Hood several times but received no response. Perhaps if one has to
ask...rather like if one has to ask the price of an item, one can't afford
it anyway!
Regards, Carol

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