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raku: hawaiian copper blue

updated thu 4 may 00


Sandra M Benscoter on sat 29 apr 00

Hi Joyce!

When using Hawaiian Copper Blue for raku, I was told the piece should be
pulled at 1860 degrees. But I think there are many variables. I was
introduced to this glaze during a workshop at Loveladies, NJ. several
years ago. The fired and smoked pieces were matt with beautiful colors.
The following year at the same workshop, using the same glaze, the work
was quite shiny. We used a pyrometer both years. I mixed the glaze at
home and fired (without a pyrometer) and got a very different effect.
I'm looking forward to hearing from other who raku and use this glaze.


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H. L. Rogers on wed 3 may 00

Hi Sande,

I fired several pieces of raku yesterday, 5 of which were glazed
with Hawaiian Copper Blue. I fired to 1850, and got very good
results on 4 of the 5 pieces. I think I was a little slow in getting
one piece in the can for reduction. Thanks for your suggestion as to
the temp.