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subject: adhering bats without pins

updated tue 2 may 00


Bonnie Staffel on mon 1 may 00

Apr. 30, 2000

All you have to do is throw a doughnut of clay, mine is about 1" thick,
and about 8" wide or wide enough to support your bat near the edge.
Place your bat on the moist clay and start to throw. I keep the
doughnut on
the wheel for weeks by placing a wet cloth on top, then covered with
heavy plastic. I redampen the doughnut each time before placing the bat
on it. I
use oiled masonite bats and it works beautifully. Can't see why it
would not hold the plastic ones or those made of plaster either.

My first action when centering is pressing down, not sideways. This
insures that the bat will stick. Give it a try. I have been doing this
for 50 years.

Bonnie Staffel, Charlevoix, MI

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:36:05 EDT
From: friedlover
Subject: adhering bats without pins

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Can anyone give any suggestions about keeping bats in place when the
wheel =
no holes for pins? This has been especially difficult with large
amounts of
clay. Do the types of bats make a difference? Thanks