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updated wed 3 may 00


Janet Kaiser on tue 2 may 00

In an article by Will Levi Marshall (CPA News, No. 71, page 10) he tells of =
ceramist Wayne Higby chastising one of the speakers for drinking from a
manufactured mug. He felt a bit remorseful afterwards, but not being a
utilitarian potter himself, he asked Val Cushing to make a mug for him to =
as an apology.

Seemingly Val Cushing said you cannot have just one mug. He went on to say =
you need at least five:

1. in the morning an open shallow mug so the coffee cools and you get a =
caffeine fix

2. a tall narrow mug which retains heat and does not slop when moving around=
workshop, or a mug with a lid (presumably to keep grunge out too)

3. at lunch a more =22regular=22 mug

4. an afternoon cup and saucer for a formal =22tea ceremony=22

5. a demitasse or petite cup for after dinner coffee to round off the meal =
not keep you awake all night.

As Will Levi Marshall added=3B =22Obviously we have different social rituals=
daily routines but nevertheless it raises an interesting point. A mug is not
just a vessel to contain liquid, it is something we interact with.=22

He then goes on to point out that American diner mugs =22beautiful pots they=
too in my opinion=22 also fit the US life style. They are thick for =
reasons of durability. But then he goes on to point out that the first cup =
quickly because of the thickness. =22By the time you are on to your third =
cup the
porcelain has warmed up so the coffee cools more slowly. The diner mug
inadvertently controls the caffeine intake of the user=22.

Now I thought that article was wonderful... Certainly brought new insights =
the humble diner mug.

There is also a photo: =22Amber lead-glazed cup. Tang Dynasty 8th century. =
handle derives from Sogdian design. Its the only cup with a handle I've seen
from China, any more out there? Drop me a note or better still send a =
That is Will speaking...

Janet Kaiser - Admiring a lovely tile from Father Anthony in California... =
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