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classes in richmond va?

updated sun 7 may 00


Robin McGregor on thu 4 may 00

Hi All,

Recently had a visit from some friends with their 13 year old son - who sat
at my wheel and made a bowl. Rather nicely! At any rate, they would like to
find someplace local to send him for lessons that won't break the bank.
Anyone know any places in Richmond?

Thanks in advance,

Robin McGregor
Manchester, NH

Dorothy Weber on fri 5 may 00


Tell them to call
Hand Work Shop located on Main Street
Richmond Pottery located on Robinson Street
Virginia Museum of Fine Art on Grove and Boulevard

All have classes

Dorothy Weber
Manakin-Sabot, Va.
The weather is just beautiful!

Dorothy Weber on sat 6 may 00


I left out one more studio
Moon Time Gallery in Manakin-Sabot just outside of Richmond run by Audrey
Skeen. She is on Clayart

Dorothy Weber
Manakin-Sabot, Va.