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studio vacuums revisited

updated wed 10 may 00


Autumn Downey on tue 9 may 00

Awhile ago, I put out a request for suggestions about studio vacuums and
thought I'd post what our decision is. One of our members made contact with
cleaning suppliers here and we "test drove" a Taski which seems to be a
popular machine with janitorial services. It was a medium sized model -
"borea" or a smilar name?, really quiet, had good suction and has a HEPA
filter. Think it will cost about $500.

It looks like a pumpkin on wheels. It's not in hand yet, but just to finish
off the thread, thought I'd report back.

Heading to Sask next week, so will probably have to sign off Clayart. It
usually overwhelms the computer there.

Autumn Downey
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada