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[re: smooth edges for slab platters]

updated thu 11 may 00


priddy on wed 10 may 00


I do this with my slab built plates to get the
look I think you are describing.

mount the plate in a Giffen Grip, worth the
investment if you are going to do a lot of these.

then attach a snake of clay to the rim of the bowl.
Throw the rim.

for the ovals, throw a ring the same diameter as
the oval form and then cut it off, let it set up
to just before leather hard and attch it to the
edge of the platter.

hope this works for you.

Rachael Rice wrote:
=3E ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E I am having a difficult time getting polished, professional edges on my
=3E slab built platters and bowls.( Like you get from wheel-thrown pots). I
=3E have tried making my own edging tools and also bought a Jepsen Edger
=3E but neither seem to be doing the job. I generally roll 3/8 inch slabs
=3E that I form over a mold or press into one. ANy suggestions would be
=3E appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
=3E Rachael

respectfully submitted,
elizabeth priddy

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