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fwd: your biggest production order?

updated sun 14 may 00


mel jacobson on sat 13 may 00

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>mine is a little different, but thought i would share it as another story....
>i am not a potter, i do one of a kind handbuilt sculptural pieces....
>i applied to a call for original art to be given as gifts to music perfomers
>at Fiddlers Green, an outdoor concert venue here in Denver. The piece that
>was proposed was approx 12" high figure with a box cut out in the chest in
>which a billowing piece of sheet music was attatched. there was a metal
>'fence' at the foot of the figure that looked like a music staff, with a C
>clef in in. the piece was attatched to a round wooden plaque for a base.
>Well, they chose my piece, and I was to do 100 of these one of kind pieces.
>I made a plaster mold to press in, but found that the waiting time, and
>having to still 'mess' with the piece after removing it made it more
>frustrating than helpful for me, so i created each piece one at a time, and
>detailed them, one at a time. They all were extremely similar, but, each had
>their own character. The pieces were 'cold finished' using acrylics and inks
>and colorpencil. I had about 4 months to complete the work, I did about 25
>to 35 a month. Delivering as each batch was completed.
>One of the reasons I applied for this 'job' was to see if I would like and be
>able to do multiple pieces of the same piece ..... and to push my envelope so
>to speak in producing a large amount of work.
>I found out that I could push myself, and duplicate, but... I didn't really
>like it much, you see I tend to have A-D-D (attention defiset disorder) when
>it comes to my work. haha Although I was extremely pleased with the pieces,
>and so was the concert company, there was too much boredom for me doing the
>same thing over and over. I ended up treating myself to a 'personal piece'
>for every 25 of the commissioned pieces ... that seemed to keep my brain
>This was a very good experience for me, and I was very happy knowing that
>some of my favorite musicians would have one of my works... but, not
>something I would want to do again, only because of that A-D-D!
>Marie Gibbons