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ocarinas, jugarinas, flutes, whistles, fimo/polyclay -also- k. dunster

updated mon 22 may 00


Andie on sat 20 may 00

I am looking for info on clay whistles, flutes, ocarinas, etc. to help =
with some kids I'm teaching. I found some info in the archives, and I =
have two recent PMI & CM articles about clay whistles, but I'm still =
looking for more cultural info, any detailed instructions, any hints, =
etc, all appreciated.=20

Also, if K. Dunster, who makes spectacular clay flutes, is on Clayart, =
or if anyone on the list makes clay instruments, I would also appreciate =
any photos you might have of your work that I could use as examples, the =
more different the better, to give these kids some ideas.

And to take it a step further, if anyone makes these on a regular basis =
and has a piece they'd be willing to sell/loan/etc (or knows someone who =
makes & sells them), I would love to have at least one to let them hold =
in their hands and examine, as I'm learning along with them, thus =
producing rather rough examples.

Also, for various reasons I am thinking about introducing them to =
fimo/polyclay/etc, and would love to hear from anyone who has experience =
with these.