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updated mon 22 may 00


Bruce Girrell on sun 21 may 00

On Sat, 20 May 2000 10:21:40 EDT, you wrote:

Yes, it's another "I'm traveling to... Are there any potters in...?"

Through a work-related assignment, Lynne and I will be traveling to
Scotland this week (5/25). We will be staying in the Aberdeen area.
Work will keep us kind of close to Aberdeen, but there should be a
little time to roam. Could anyone suggest potters/pottery related
sites to visit? We will be there most of a week and Lynne will be free
to scout during the days while I do the things that are paying for the
plane ticket.

On our return trip, we will be stopping in Amsterdam for a day or two.
Not long, I know, but we'd appreciate some suggestions for there, as
well. We won't have a car in Amsterdam, so it will have to be whatever
we can hit by bicycle.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Bruce and Lynne Girrell
in !sunny! northern Michigan where the bisque is still warm after
yesterday's firing. The kiln load included an abandoned mud dauber
wasp's nest found while clearing stuff out of the garage - the
original paperclay artists