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hanging a large platter - ideas?

updated tue 23 may 00


Andie on sun 21 may 00

I have a large thrown platter that I love, although the glaze ran =
mercilessly, causing the bottom to have to be chipped off the shelf. =
However, I love the interior designs on this piece, and would like to =
hang it directly on the wall (as opposed to in a stand on a shelf). I =
looked at traditional plate hangers today, but this piece is about 20 =
1/2" diameter, and about 4 1/2" deep, so nothing commercial seems to =
work. It's pretty heavy (6? 7? lbs. - over 5, less than 10). Because the =
glaze is already down to the foot (actually, with the glaze mishap it's =
now "wasn't there a foot there?" - which means no wrapping wire around =
the bottom -) I can't really re-fire any kind of hanging apparatus on to =
it. While I'm at it, I've been collecting thrown plates for awhile now, =
and would like to hang them as well - ranging from 13"-15" in diameter, =
of course none with feet, and some with fluted rims. Most of them are =
also heavier than your standard dinner plate, thus again ruling out =
those standard brass spring hangers. Any ingenious ideas?