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leapin' lizards and bats!

updated fri 26 may 00


Jeanne Wood on thu 25 may 00

My favorite pot "additive" was a bat.
I often leave my studio doors open at night to cool
off during the summer.
I had completed 6 of my "dragon mugs", and had them
sitting on a bat with a sheet of plastic lightly
draped over them.
In the morning I removed the plastic to check on them
and found a bat who thought a cool, damp, leatherhard,
pot with a dragon on the side was a perfect spot to
spend the night. There he was hanging by his toes.
I wish I could have left him in there, but had to turn
on the wheel & get to work. He hated the vibrations,
gave me a dirty look and began crawling around the
studio looking for less vibration & noise.
I will occasionally have bats & often have birds get
caught in the studio, we must have built it in a
"path". Too cold here for lizards though.
-Jeanne W.

--- Sylvia Shirley wrote:
> Joyce,
> Just to clarify, it was a BIG lizard.
> Sylvia
> > Joyce
> > In the Mojave still chuckling occasionally from
> Sylvia's squealing
> > reaction when she came to hang out yesterday. ON
> the way in she stopped
> > (as almost everyone does) to examine the
> UglyPotSpot pots..... seeing
> > a pitcher gone wrong, she bent to examine it more
> closely, thinking, "I
> > didn't know Joyce was applying lizards to her
> pots... neat." Just then,
> > of course, the tiny lizard, which was perched on
> the handle, took off
> > .... Sylvia is easily startled, needless to say,
> and her squeals woke up
> > the sleeping #1 Support Person......just a teeny
> lizard......
> > scheez........
> >
> >
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