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another tile question

updated sat 27 may 00


Kelly Averill Savino on thu 25 may 00

We recently built an addition, and I surrounded the new bathtub with cement board, which I intend to tile. My plan is to combine standard white store-bought ceramic tiles with kind of a flowing line of my own home made leaf (and salamander, and turtle) shaped tiles through the middle. Problem: I have been told that typical tile grout will not span the irregular shaped gaps between my leaves without cracking, but that store bought tiles will not stand up to a sanded grout (which is less likely to crack) without scratching. Has anybody combined store and handmade tiles? My tiles are stoneware, various types, glazed and fired to cone 6.

Thanks in advance... kelly (who thinks argument is a noble sport, as long as the cheap shots are left out. The Prime Directive for we who argue: stick to the issues, not the personalities.)
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