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fw: bubbles in stoneware slip

updated wed 31 may 00


Jeff Lawrence on mon 29 may 00

Priscilla Wilson was bothered by air in her slip.

Hello Priscilla,

I've found that slips of any description like to have air in them. The
industry solution is to have two mixers -- one fast, one very slow. Th slow
one allows bubbles to rise and escape without any more air getting in.

You might try some hand mixing with a paint stick for several minutesbefore
pouring -- this should help. Also, when you fill your molds, pour along a
large dowel or something similar to smooth the flow -- this will help keep
the slip from splashing against the bottom of the mold and re-aerating

Alternatively, you might try holding your breath as you pour -- according to
Fraser's seminal work The Golden Bough, the thematic mirroring of no air
entering your body ought by the logic of magic to prevent air from entering
your ceramic body. This is only theory, of course -- your experience may

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