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visiting seattle and bellinham

updated sat 3 jun 00


Martin A. Arkowitz on fri 26 may 00

next saturday i am going off for a week in the northwest. I would be interested
to know of some good galleries, shops and studios to visit if i have some free


eleanor arkowitz


Craig Martell on tue 30 may 00


Visit the Northwest Craft Center in the Seattle Center. That's where the
Space Needle is. They have lots of Claywork by Northwest potters and
ceramists. I'll let the Seattle folks take it from here.

Craig Martell in Oregon

Michael McDowell on thu 1 jun 00

OK, I guess I've been sulking 'cause I don't have a gallery in town
right now. I should give some account of pottery venues in the Bellingham
area. Steve Dalton already mentioned the Fairhaven District's "Mud in Your
Eye", There is also "Good Earth Pottery" (Look for slip cast screw top bottles
by Marvin Thomas) and maybe a few things at "Gallery West", all in Fairhaven,
and there is a new shop also just opened by former owners of the "Good Earth"
Joyce & Woody Russell, that name eludes me just now. The best display of
Northwest Potters in Bellingham (for my taste) would be just a mile south of
Fairhaven on Chuckanut Drive. The Chuckanut Bay Gallery, Owned by Don and
Carol Salisbury. Don is himself a potter with a BFA from the local, Western
Washington University. A relatively new gallery, in a brand new location
(Previously in the Bellis Fair Mall), "Maslow Etc." (featuring clay and glass)
can be found on Cornwall Ave. in Downtown Bellingham in addition to the
"Indian Street Pottery", run by Eugene and Ene Lewis (Obviously on Indian

I wish I could point you to a shop that featured my pottery in Bellingham, but
at the moment, you can only catch my act on Saturdays at the Farmers' Market
on Railroad Ave. in downtown Bellingham (10 AM to 3 PM). I bring a few pots
along with me and my vegetables. Or you'd be welcome to stop out at my place
just 3/4 mile East of the freeway at Ferndale (Exit 262). In fact, if you
happen to be in the area on June 9th or 10th, you could check out the seconds
sale (first one in over 10 years) I'm putting on at my vegetable stand next to
my house.

OK, That's all I can think of right now. I've been mowing grass all day, till
it got too dark. Brain's a little rattled...

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA

Pat Colyar on thu 1 jun 00

Eleanor, please consider including Seward Park Art Studio in your
itinerary. We'll be just starting out Summer Quarter, and there's an
interesting selection of pots in the gallery.
The phone # is 206-722-6342, and the web-site is:

Best to call before coming for gallery hours. The park is also a
beautiful place for a walk.
If you like Asian-influenced art and craft, check out Kobo Gallery on
Capitol Hill. Good luck finding a place to park. Michael McDowell might
be able to suggest places to visit in the Bellingham area.
Have a good trip

Pat Colyar, in Gold Bar, Washington

Paul Lewing on thu 1 jun 00

Someone else mentioned Pottery Northwest near Seattle Center. I'd
second that. They're at 226 1st Ave. N. just on the west edge of the
Center and just south of Key Arena. And they're about two blocks from
the NW Craft Center, which is on the Center grounds right by the
International Fountain.
There is also Phoenix Rising Gallery just north of the Pike Place Public
Market on Western Ave. And DON'T miss the Pike Place Market. There are
craftpeople selling their work there, but it's an amazing place even
without that. The Made In Washington store in the Market (and also a
branch at Westlake Center not far away) sells Washington products,
including crafts- mostly pots and jewelry (including my tile work).
Have a good visit. Bring a raincoat!
Paul Lewing