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studio dogs

updated fri 18 jan 02


Beth Hamilton on thu 1 jun 00

Hey Kimi, I have had a large number of dogs (large dogs too) running in and
out of my studio. I have found the following problems, one, they all like
to drink out of my clay bucket, either the reclaiming bucket, the active one
I'm using or any glaze bucket that can be found open. Obviously the latter
can cause problems. I have also found that they are intrigued with wet clay
and will eat it (for that matter they will eat dry clay to), and
occasionally you will get a dog like Penny who loves stealing you work and
creating grey hairs. All of these problems can be taken care of, I have
found it is easier to make a place for them to lie down and, as much as
possible, keep them in it. It takes calm nerves to have a 155 lb. Great
Dane put his nose 1/2 inch from the pot you are turning and not freak!
However, although curious, Charlie does not touch the piece unless I ask him
to. We do have some nose pots though from the others. Adds character.
Watch the dust problems, it affects dogs to and enjoy your "assistant". You
will eventually be able to interpret a wagged tail as approval of a piece
vs. a long drawn out sigh of regret. Beth
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T. Lee on thu 1 jun 00

As the owner of a blk and tan coonhound, Bubba. It's his nose that gets
him in trouble. Sniffing everything in the studio, lifting up plastic
covering pots. Of course where the nose goes the long tail follows!!! That
can be a disaster too. But, over all if you can be the "head alpha dog",
you and your dog will get along just fine in the studio. One last thing,
don't freak out when find "white poop", just a bit of procelain that had to
be tasted.

Chris and Tracy - 6 weeks away from getting our jack russell terrier,
studio dog #2

p.s. We'll be at the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival this weekend would
love to meet other Clayarters. Look for Cantello Studios

AK on fri 2 jun 00

I think it was Paul:
> When I got my first puppy, she at first drank out of
> the glaze buckets, but soon stopped that. Guess she didn't like the
> taste. But I figured that any animal that routinely drank out of the
> toilet wouldn't be hurt by glaze.

For dogs that tend to like drinking the water that rises in your glaze I was
always caution about glazes with barium compounds could be fatal but there
are remedies if quickly responded to. Good habit to keep glaze buckets
tightly closed when pouch is around.

Jean Lehman on fri 2 jun 00

Our dogs have always liked to eat clay.

Ten years ago, we had a Miniature Schnauzer who ate so much clay that her
droppings in the yard clearly reflected my white clay. I finally bisqued
some of them, and there was little else to fire out. So, I have a bowl of
very realistic clay turds as my memory of her. She died from old age, not
anything related to eating the clay. I didn't let her near the glaze


Jean Lehman,
getting ready to return to Lancaster PA this summer after spending a year
in San Marcos, California.

iandol on fri 2 jun 00

Hello Kimi,

I have two great dogs. They like to be with me and I like to have them =
round about. I never discourage them from the studio. But two things I =
get concerned about are gas and water. If you are in a basement and have =
a gas or wood fire kiln, carbon dioxide, which is dense, can form a =
layer on the floor. I would not like your dog to breath this, it will =
put your new pup at risk. The second concern is that dogs like to have =
water around to lap. Now a bit of clay may not hurt them but other =
chemicals can.

Hope that information is useful,


Ivor Lewis.

Did someone say what sort of dogs? Border Collie and a Red Cloud Kelpie, =
Collie and Flash.

Rosanne Cleveland-King on fri 2 jun 00

My dogs have always been in the studio with me, for the past 22 years. I
raise dogs to show, and the socialization processes with all of the noise in
the studio is great for them.
I've never had one get sick from anything he ingested in there. I think it
is the best of both worlds.

HandsNClay@AOL.COM on sat 3 jun 00

Clay turds??? now I have heard it all on clayart!!! LOL
what a refreshing break from the "electric" mood of
clayart recently.....
Beth in the Blue Ridge Mtns Foothills of VA.....
hot and muggy....gatorade tastes great these days!! :)

Lee Love on thu 17 jan 02

I put up some photos of me & Taiko in Mashiko. You can see them here:

Everytime we go out for a walk, or come back, she wants to lead me to the
studio. I have another year of studies before we start spending a lot of time
out there together.

Lee Love In Mashiko

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