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copper oxide vs. copper carb.

updated mon 5 jun 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sat 3 jun 00

I was rereading an interesting post Tom Buck wrote recently about the =
differences of colbalt oxide vs. colbalt carb. One cannot just =
substitute 1.5 % of the carb. for the oxide. The ingredients vary from =
batch to batch and testing each time is necessary.In the back of my mind =
I am remembering a post from (?) a chemist on the list to Antoinette =
about the differences between carbonates, oxides, dioxides, pentoxides, =
etc. Mostly remembering oxides means a substance is mixed with oxygen =
and that di, pen etc. explain how many atoms of oxygen are in the =
molecule. Also that carbonates, nitrates, sulfates are a group of atoms =
that behave like a single unit (If I got any of this correct). Very =
interesting for such a layman as myself.

Now, I have receipes that call for copper carbonate and I have copper =
oxide on hand. Is there a substitution rule of thumb, or is more like =
Tom's descripton of colbalt oxide and carbonate, that almost each batch =
is individual and must be tested for strength and thus final results?

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark