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250gm red iron oxide to 500 gr. slip receipe?

updated wed 7 jun 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on sun 4 jun 00

Dear Clayart,
I am looking at a Jan. 14 post from Peter Jones wehre he kindly gives =
the C. Bringle slip receipe
Kaolin 800
Ball clay 800
Neph Sye 1000
Flint 1200
Borax 200
Bentonite 80
yield 4080

It says to 500 gr. of dry mixed base add
Brown iron oxide 250 or 280 for darker color

Not to doubt the writer's knowledge, but I am just wondering if=20
250 gr. to 500 gr. is correct? That is 50% if tonight's red wine is not =
talking to me.

Sounds like a lot, but just want to check it out with you(s) before I =
mix it in.

The other colorants were rutile 200 (40%)
chrome oxide 20
cobalt carb. 25
iron oxide 20 all together to give a blue green =

These sound ca. 50% too high, but I do not know. =20

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark


overglazed@JUNO.COM on mon 5 jun 00

I used to work for Peter so I don't think he'd mind me responding - I'm
not sure he's with Clayart any more.

The recipe as given is what he's been using over the years. It's a high
concentrate slip - works very well......according to my notes:

For brown 280 gr Red Iron Ox
Yellow 200 rutile
Blue Green 20 chrome + 15 cobalt ox
White 75 zircopax

Hope this helps

Karen Peters
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