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updated wed 7 jun 00


Mark Mondloch on sun 4 jun 00

I would like to know what I should tell high school students when asked
about choosing a school with their clay interests in mind. Now I tell
them that if they have the means I'd recommend going on to school rather
then relying on books/workshops like I did. But choosing a particular
school that fits them seems to be a crap shoot for these kids. They are
going to invest alot of time and money and it doesn't seem fair to tell
them to "take responsibility for their education" when there isn't
objective information available for them to make at least a good guess
at what would be right for them. Those in the academic system I'd
imagine are familiar with the various programs out there. These kids
(and they are just kids after all) may not have a support system who's
able or willing to help them do research. I'm about as clueless as the
kids are who ask me for advice. So.. any tips appreciated from those
who say take responsibility? Is there any realistic, objective way for
them to narrow down choices before they start visiting schools?

Mark & Sylvia Mondloch
Silver Creek Pottery & Forge
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Jim Bozeman on mon 5 jun 00

Mark, This seems like very good advice from you. I wished that I had done
more research before choosing a school to attend. I actually flew out and
met with the teachers and students and asked LOTS of questions. It seemed
like a good place to study so I enrolled there. What the chair of the
ceramic department DIDN'T tell me was that she was going to leave and
another teacher would come in to replace her. I would tell your students to
inquire about that. I live in Athens, GA and in humble opinion U.G.A. has a
very strong ceramics department. It seems mostly geared towards
post-modernist sculpture but I know there is at least one graduate student
there studying pottery. I have attended Penland in North Carolina and
Anderson Ranch in Colorado, and both schools were excellent. I would highly
reccomend sending students to both of these schools to study. Jim Bozeman
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