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lucky japanese children eat their lunch out of the national living

updated thu 8 jun 00


Aiko Ichimura on mon 5 jun 00

treasure's bowls.

Hi all,

There were posts in the Japanese pottery mailing list about the school lunch
serving dishes.
Some lamented the artless plastic dishes that were used for the school
Some worried the ill effect on the Japanese children's ability to appreciate
good pottery.
Then someone said that in the Mino region the school lunches were served
in the bowls made by a national living treasure who lived near by.

Can you imagine that?

Because you do not have such institution like National living Treasure in
you may not be able to imagine what a big deal that is. But it is a big
deal, indeed
for any Japanese.

Each year this national living treasure potter decides which style of
pottery he is going to make for the new students, Oribe, Shino and so on.
What a nice man ! What lucky children!

Aiko Ichimura
NW DC 20036 USA

Gayle Bair on tue 6 jun 00

treasure's bowls.

I am certainly NOT a national treasure but needed to
put my spin on this posting.
I am looking on the other end of the spectrum here.
I cannot express in words what I have gotten
from working with children and clay. Notice I did not say
"teaching" children clay. Outside of basics I do not presume
that I am all knowing.
Knowing that I opened the door for a temporary or
lifelong involvement or appreciation of clay and art
spins my wheel!
Giving away my pottery has been a very selfish act....
It makes me feel good!
I think I can imagine the satisfaction the Japanese
National treasure gets from knowing those
children are eating from bowls he has made.
Great idea! Hmmm... my kid is in a school with 1300 kids.
I sure would have to get into one incredible
production mode!
Gayle Bair-on sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy Bainbridge Island

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