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mfa-reply for joyce

updated wed 7 jun 00


CNW on mon 5 jun 00

I only scanned your post so please smack me if I missed something. :^) =

I personally don't assume that I will get a job in a college (never even =
thought university) when I get out.=20
I have been (off the record and probably not worth the paper it wasn't =
written on.) offered a POSSIBLE position that MAY exist when I get out. =
I don't know that even if there is an opening that it would be any more =
than part time. I was told VERY strongly that there very FEW openings =
for MFA graduates. I probably don't want to teach full time anyway-I =
have a lower tolerance for the butt covering mentality. I have planned =
on doing the part-time job and selling my work thing.

But for me personally, for various reasons, the MFA will make me feel =
validated. Not something everyone needs but something I need. =
Psychological reasons, not rational.=20

However-- Being asked to come back and talk to the school when I finish =
my degree has come about from HARD work, a willingness to help and =
instruct more inexperienced students as well as trying to make things =
easier on the instructor when possible. I would hope that=20
even if there is no opening in the program when I return that I will =
still have that extra recommendation.

I don't want anyone to think that I am just wonderful so I'll throw in a =
dose of reality....I am also prone to using universal hand signals when =
pushed too far. ;^)

Thank you Joyce for reminding us about the ratio between graduates and =
The other thing I just found out about is the scarcity and competition =
for MFA spaces.=20
What I don't know about college is scary.=20

Thanks for the reality check Joyce.

Celia in NC