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updated wed 7 jun 00


Andie on mon 5 jun 00

Ten years ago, we had a Miniature Schnauzer who ate so much clay that =
droppings in the yard clearly reflected my white clay. I finally bisqued =
some of=20
them, and there was little else to fire out. So, I have a bowl of very =
clay turds as my memory of her.=20

No disrespect to the memory of your beloved pet intended, but I had to =
forward this to my husband (we also have a miniature schnauzer who will =
eat ANYTHING), and I want to thank you for several hours of laughter. =
This gives a whole new meaning to the term "kiln-load"...

My husband thinks someone could make a mint marketing this =
idea...similar to the kits for putting your child's handprint in a slab =
of clay...

: ) Andie