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diet mugs, was nutrimugs

updated fri 23 jun 00


The Brinks on mon 19 jun 00

Hi Gayle...this thread has been hilarious, but I think your idea is actually
a potential moneymaker! People will pay $ for joke gifts...remember the pet
rock in a box? These would also be for people who have to stop drinking
coffee. Logo: "My Doctor said 'No more coffee'. This is the mug you give
a guest who says "Nothing, thanks", when offered something to drink! I
think people would buy a "Diet Mug". Make a little ledge at the bottom so
it would hold a bottle of water, and display it that way too......thanks for
the laugh! Hey, Clayarters, let's all simultaneusly flood the market....

Ann Brink in CA
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From: Gayle Bair
Sent: Sunday, June 18, 2000 11:12 PM
Subject: Re: nutrimugs. get rich quick

> And what about the ultimate in Diet Mugs?
> A cylinder with a handle and no bottom!
> I think we have really touched on something here!
> Move over Bill Gates!
> Gayle Bair
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Charles on thu 22 jun 00

Ya know, this could be the ultimate bread and butter pot, but since I am an
uppity pottery snob, I am going to have to put my nose in the air and say "
I am not a maker of novelty items"

So anyone want to start a mold-based ceramic production facility? we could
be rich!!!

just kidding