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rough bottoms

updated tue 20 jun 00


Gwyn Ace on tue 20 jun 00

For polishing the bottom of pots and around lids and galleries
usually emery paper does the job for me but when more
serious polishing is needed I use a concrete paving block
(commercial) which has a perfect glass like surface and
sprinkle on some silicon carbide powder and a splash of water
and grind the bottom with a circular or figure 8 motion.
As the powder grinds down in size and mixes with concrete powder=20
the mixture changes to a finer polishing action. It works for me !!!
For the odd glaze drip at the base.I grind with the side of a=20
ceramic cutting blade in the saw bench.fairly gentle and effective.
much better the an emery wheel and less likely to chip the pot.
Gwyn in N.Z.