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scratchy bottoms

updated tue 20 jun 00


Sheron Roberts on sun 18 jun 00

I trim the bottom of every pot I throw
on a Giffen Grip. Most of the time I
trim a foot ring or foot in general.
Then, as my teacher instructed, as
the pot is turning on the wheel/Giffen
I use my fingers to smooth the edge=20
of the ring/foot, actually rounding it
a little bit, no sharp edges.
After glaze firing, if
there are any bits of kiln wash stuck to
the pot, I rub them off with a stilt stone.
If I feel that a bottom is still a bit=20
scratchy, I sand the bottom with a
silicon carbide disk glued to a bat.
If a glaze has run onto the foot=20
or bottom, I grind it off and then=20
that piece goes to my kitchen
(where invariably it will
disappear only to reappear at my
daughter's house, hmmmm).
Sheron in NC, just returning from
SC after taking hubby out with the
family for Father's Day. (What a=20
madhouse! Myrtle Beach that is.)