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smooth bottoms, was scratchy foot

updated tue 20 jun 00


Peter Atwood on mon 19 jun 00

Hey all,

I hate those rough groggy bottoms as well. I'm always thinking of Mrs.
Smith's $5000 sideboard. You know, the one that I wouldn't want to see get
scratched because of my sloppy potting. So what I've taken to doing is using
is hitting the bottoms of my pots with a piece of 80 grit sandpaper after
the glaze firing. (I also lightly sponge the bottoms before the bisque.)
Everything comes out nice and smooth and takes only a moment for each piece.

BTW, does everyone know the correct way to fold a piece of sandpaper? I'm
sure some will think I'm full of bull as if there were such a "correct" way,
but after 15 years in the trades I feel like I'm qualified to lay down the

First, fold the sandpaper LENGTHWISE, not sideways. Crease it, then rip in
half. The main reason for this is so that you could use the piece later in a
pole sander for sanding walls. If you rip in half sideways, then the piece
is only good for handsanding, and not so good at that as you are about to

Next, fold your half sheet into thirds. You want the rough side out of
course. You now have the two sides to use with a third side folded inside
that you can pull out when the other two have been worn out. The thing is,
the sheet FITS YOUR HAND. If you were to fold the sheet into thirds from a
sideways ripped sheet, the resulting piece would be too long to comfortably
fit your hand and that results in a loss of control when you are sanding.

I know this probably seems like a small thing to many of you but believe me,
it does make a difference.

Happy sanding,

Peter Atwood
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