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wood veneer people making lampshades pottery tools also

updated wed 21 jun 00


slathrop@BINNEY-SMITH.COM on tue 20 jun 00

Jim & Lisa Blake asked for information and resources. Good Pottery tools
can be found in other Crafts. And some excellent tools for Pottery can be
found at Constantines, serving woodworkers so it is appropriate to send
this to the list. I have no connection with them in any way other than I have
bought some of their stuff and very happy so thought it nice to share.
A few tools that I have found for Pottery are:
Hard rollers 1 and 2 inch wide for rolling out small slabs quickly.
A Rubber bulb metal tipped glue applicator (No. GA7315) great for Glaze
Watco Danish oil finish, a Tung oil, seals up a Raku Vase to hold water.
Preval sprayer. spray small quantities of glaze or slip, easy clean up and
Striping Tool, liquid bottle with 6 striping wheels.
Embossed wood carvings make great stamps in soft clay. Mix and match.
Lots more so if your interested in tools the Link to their home page for on line
or catalog sales is:

Lisa, to answer your question specifically for veneer and lamp shades they
have the supplies and they have wood working classes. They teach in New York
and although you need a ClayArt for wood working their classes would be a good
resource to ask for that kind on information and they have the following info
printed in the front of their on line I cut and pasted for you you could give
a call and ask. The info in the catalog says:
If you have any questions or comments you can always e-mail our Customer
Service Representatives, or just call our Toll Free # 800 223 8087 and speak
to us directly. Same number to order a catalog I can highly recommend for
a variety of resources and supplies for both Pottery and Woodworking.
Steve in PA USA.