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alt. to bat pins...

updated thu 29 jun 00


kathleen chase on wed 28 jun 00

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 10:59 PM
Subject: alt. to bat pins...

Hi- For many years we have had an alternative to bat pins/ drilled wheel =
heads/ cookies to attach the bats. One of our old treadle wheels had no =
bat pin holes, so we came up with a simple system. We attached 1/2" =
dowels spaced evenly in 3 places to the bottom of 12 -15 bats. These =
dowels cut to 3/4" long held the bats safely ans snugly to the wheel =
head just like the way a giffin grip stays on the wheel.A slap with your =
hand pops the bat on and a tug, or pry with any tool pops it off. Plus =
the bats sit off of the ware boards so the pots on them are easy to move =
& work on. A low cost alternative to drilling a wheel head. Hope this =
helps-Kathy Chase Cape Cod