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general all purpose slips

updated thu 29 jun 00


Wade Blocker on tue 27 jun 00

Lori and Bob,
Here is the recipe of the slip I use.
Conrad E l0 cone 04-cone 8 apply to dry greenware or bisque
color at cone 04 is white
Flint 25 color at cone 6 translucent
China Clay 20
KY Ball 20
Potash spar l5
Nepheline syenite 10
Borax (I use ferro frit 3134) 5
Whiting 5

Apply thick- I brush on three coats, otherwise the coverage is uneven.
I use it with stains added to the slip. When the ware is bisqued I cover
the colored slip with a transparent glaze.
For black add 10%stain
for white add 4% tin
Blue 3-6% stain
Turqoise 6% stain

NB Vince Pitelka has a slip recipe that works on wet or dry greenware and
bisque. Look for it in archives.