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july 26th tour of freer gallery in dc announcement

updated thu 29 jun 00


Aiko Ichimura on wed 28 jun 00

Hi all.

I am sorry to use this place to announce the up-coming Freer Gallery tour
on July 26th.
I was astonished to find out that there about 10 Clayarters in DC/VA/MD
They all signed up for the tour. Why haven't we done this before?
In any case, if any of you want join us, DON't send a mail to Clayart
But send me a mail at with your name and telephone number.
I repeat, Don't send it to clayart. People don't need to read a mail that is
addressed only
to me.

The information:

What we will see in the storage: Momoyama period's teabowls & utensils, some
jomon pots.
The date: July 26
The time : 10.00 am.

Things to remember:

Bring pencils to make note, they won't let you use a pen.
Prepared to take off rings, watches, any hard jewelry to avoid
Photos will be ristricted, we will have one person take
all the necessary picture. I am assigning Aiko to do that

Don't come with hands that have remnant of clay from the morning throwing or
They are very nervous about you putting contemporary clay onto 15th century
We might confuse the scholors at the Freer.
We can sympathize them , don't we?

If you want see something in addtion to the above, let me know. I will
ask the curator to be ready for it.

Aiko Ichimura