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production work......... driving me maaaaadddd

updated thu 29 jun 00


Joyce Lee on tue 27 jun 00

Hey, Lisa. I was impressed with seeing Ben Owens name also!

Those tumblers...... since I don't do fact, I am
lucky... I mean lucky..... to produce four of a kind right now although
it does happen ... usually when I don't WANT four of a kind and am
trying to accomplish another form instead; then I may throw a rare dozen
of a kind. But, having no experience, of course I have answers .....
very common ones. Music, books-on-tape, getting up and moving around in
between, cleaning something, going for a teeny run after only a couple
or whatever I can bear, promising and delivering a reward for myself
after a certain number, bringing in an eager beginner and demonstrating
.......over&over.... how to make this form since sometimes an audience
helps, but this is only for really desperate measures; not
procrastinating but starting the ugly tasks first thing on entering the
studio each day. If that just won't cut it, decide on a time...... say
10:04 a.m. to begin the daunting jobs... and DO it. I find that I can
stick with most anything if I set a timer (if I really dislike it, only
setting the timer for 10 minutes); I then move on to some other chore
and return periodically for another 10 minute segment (that's when I
hate what I'm doing, but know it's FOR MY OWN GOOD). I heartily dislike
cleaning up, for example, so I use the same method I use for housework:
ten minutes sweeping, ten minutes cleaning the wheel, ten minutes
putting away the clay, ten minutes cleaning the kiln area, ten minutes
cleaning workspacetops... DING goes the timer after each and I can QUIT
that bit of torture! I know it doesn't sound like much time for some of
those jobs, but it's surprising what you can do in these ten minute (or
whatever is your choice) periods. AND you will at least be that far
ahead. OR I use a count of 50 items (sounds ridiculous but I can have
so many projects going at one time that I may have hundreds of items out
of place.... and THAT much disorder I hate more than I hate cleaning
up... I know it isn't nice to say hate, by the way, but that's how
strongly I feel ..... passion takes many forms ....). I then just start
anywhere..... just STARTING is the significant deed .... and begin
picking up and putting away. Everything counts as one: a crumpled paper
towel, a piece of bisque, a needle tool, bottle of vinegar ... doesn't
matter... any random order will do. I then usually do another 50 because
I find that that one session was so easy! And look at the semblance of
order that prevails already!!! Playing games? Yes. Ridiculous? Sorta.
But it beats having deadlines loom or working in chaos.... I do NOT like
working in chaos. This method works for me every time. In fact, I have
several cleanups awaiting me as I post. Tomorrow at 6:23 I WILL be in
the studio.... I WILL spend 10 minutes cleaning up the extruders... 10
minutes sweeping up the little piles of trash I put into piles today
.... 10 minutes cleaning the dratted pugmill area .... 10 minutes
putting away chemicals in the glaze room ..... THEN I can try throwing
and extruding parts for the Randy Brodnax frog I saw on Larry Phillips'
webpage today. Nice, nice pages, thank you very much Larry. (And Randy,
it's not cheating really... I'll take the next workshop you offer when
we can freely leave the desert again .... Jim says "hey to the Crazy
Cajun." (Don't jump on me. Randy refers to himself as the Crazy Cajun
... and what a delightful one he is!)

In the Mojave bemused by the little white puffy clouds in the blue, blue
sky ..... some have joined to become very BIG puffy clouds (I know
they're cumulo nimbus; I prefer big, puffy) which are predicted to cause
thunder and some storming.... uh huh .... weathermen in the desert
lie..... all the time.......