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: production work- it's driving me madddddddddd. you need attitude.

updated fri 30 jun 00


iandol on wed 28 jun 00

Dear L.P.

Production runs need Attitude.

Having an attitude to detail. Use production run time as a tuning fork =
to refine your powers of observation. Look for the variations and =
similarities as you work. Bring your sights in on the mean. Don=92t =
think tumblers, think Efficiency.

Having an attitude to quantity. What is your boredom limit. Mine is =
about six repetitions. Do it the seventh time and I make a blue. Prepare =
and weight six balls. So Throw six bodies. Start another six. In an hour =
you have another twenty four. Take a break. Start the next half dozen =
and an hour later you have another twenty four. Have a coffee. Start =
again on the next half dozen and so on. By the end of the morning you =
have a hundred. Job well under way. All the hard collar work finished. =
Tomorrow will be an easy day

Have an attitude to organisation. Having a plan. Rationing Time. Ready =
to put the handles on. Ready to trim. Never repeat any task more than =
six times.

I know how to drive that time and motion study man into a dither. Do it =
all in slow motion. Every action perfect. Every part identical. That's =

Hoping you get lots of repeat orders.

All the best,

Ivor Lewis.