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test bowls

updated tue 4 jul 00


Joyce Lee on mon 3 jul 00

Cindy wrote:

> I haven't checked out the auction of test pieces on e-bay, but I did show
> some test pieces with new glazes to one of my retailers and he wanted to buy
> them. (They were, at least, little bowls--not tiles.)

I sometimes make a very small copy of a larger bowl I've just finished,
complete with Big Bowl decoration and banding. When I saw several
displays on the walls in the Arvada Art Center at NCECA of just such
small pots (not really miniatures) shown in old wooden coca-cola cases,
I decided to do the same. I now have one authentic, beat up (makes it
better) case, which my watercolor mentor gave me in exchange for a
couple of pots from my UglyPotSpot. I was fooling around with pot
arrangments when a friend who owns a gift boutique visited the studio
... she offered a fair sum of money for the whole arrangement... I
didn't sell, and won't, but somebody else might want to consider this
idea..... or has it been around forever and is only new to me?

In the Mojave enjoying the 80 degree F day ... and taking the
opportunity to move the nest which is precariously positioned behind the
wall light on the patio ... to the lower limb of our one big tree ...
which the nest owners will undoubtedly NOT appreciate one bit......