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i just built a tile press?

updated tue 18 jul 00


Craig Fulladosa on sat 15 jul 00

Has anyone else built Frank Giorgini's Tile Press? I just finished and
wonder if anyone has any hints or tips to add to Frank or did he do

The Clayman

Millie Carpenter on sat 15 jul 00

Craig and anyone else who built the tile press,

I was looking at the directions in the book a few days ago thinking that I could do
this. between my son and myself we have all the tools. did it go together
easily? did you need to buy all the materials, or were there parts that could
be better gotten at the junkyards? and what did it cost in time as well as

Millie in Md

DeBorah Goletz on mon 17 jul 00

Craig - The first tile press Frank built was used at Parsons School of
Design by his tile class students for over 8 years. It held up very well
under very heavy use. I think we put a few extra screws in the base after a
few years (it got rained on from a leaky ceiling several times) but other
than that, it was maintenance free. He mentions an optional compansating
board in the diagram on page 128 of his book, but if you built it to his
specs, you will have many many years of good service from the press. My
tip: I like to use a piece of foam (the type that is used for carpet
backing) under the mold when I press, but Frank doesn't do this.
DeBorah Goletz

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