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updated wed 19 jul 00


Joyce Lee on tue 18 jul 00

Hey John.....

Nova Scotia, huh? Nice. You may receive differing opinions on this, but
most seem to agree that an engobe is a slip with a colorant added...
to put it in very general terms, which are the only ones I can pull from
memory, being still hung up on the dividing and sub-dividing thread and
wondering WHY?. Some (Hamers?) say that it's halfway between a glaze and
a slip, but it doesn't fuse to a glassy state so it's not a glaze; and
it may have mostly non-clay materials, so it's not a slip. Just to add
to the mishmash, the terms engobe and slip are often used
interchangeably. Just looked in Hamers ... that IS what they say. Having
been accused of being too analytical most of my life, I love this
hodgepodge of conflicting terminology in pottery .... and our attempts
to make sense of it all ... used to frustrate me .... as long ago as
last week... beyond that now, thank goodness.... for today.... this
moment. Wonder how Los Mimbres with their geometrically precise pots
from so long ago managed to divide their pots' lonely spaces? ....... so
far, I'm able to just START; if there's too much space left at the end,
I make the divisions remaining a little narrower; if there's too little,
make it a little wider. But then I'm retired from role-modeling...

In the Mojave wondering if Singer is right and I could fire that
(greasewood).... Guy down the road has imported jimson weed from a
little higher up and it's taking over his place bigtime.... not the
whole 90 acres, but his house area is becoming engulfed. Can't wait for
a few to make it to our scrub acreage but don't want it asserting total
control. Have to keep the rabbits from brewing jimson tea... very
poisonous. That's life in the fast dirtroads.