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question about funeral ceramics

updated wed 19 jul 00


Andie on tue 18 jul 00

Hi! I have been asked to do some research for the sister of my sister's =
friend, who lives in Ireland and does not have email access at the =
moment. She casts large urns, large wreath-style candle holders, etc, =
out of some sort of ceramic/concrete mix, which are then used at grave =
sites in Ireland. She is looking for an American manufacturer or =
supplier of very large molds, basically, and possibly custom molds. A =
company that handled funeral-specific molds would be ideal. If anybody =
has ANY idea of someone in this business, or can even point me in the =
right direction (I don't do any casting, don't make many outdoor pieces, =
and don't make any funeral or burial site specific pieces, so I'm not =
even entirely sure I'm imagining the right sort of thing), please email =
me off list, and as I gather information, I'll snail-mail it to her.

Thanks in advance for any help!

: ) Andie Carpenter