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the teacher

updated thu 20 jul 00


mel jacobson on tue 18 jul 00

clayart is about strong opinions. not many of us can stand to
read drivel, or chatter about nonsense.

i have always seen my role on clayart as that of a teacher, rabble
rouser, and stimulator of thought.

as moderator, i have chosen to participate, without i hope getting
in the middle of discussion. my job is still to stimulate new ideas
and conversations. i will do the best that i can.

the core of this group is dedicated to make things available to all,
to let folks speak and be heard. education is still the base element of

we are almost three thousand, from 80 some countries. that is
bigger than nceca.

i have some plans that i will announce soon...they are important
and watch and listen.

it is a pleasure to lead this group...i do not want to be
a manager.



Veena Raghavan on wed 19 jul 00

Mel and Clayart,
That is a great number, 3000 and from 80 countries. I think it is
absolutely amazing. Personally, Clayart has been not only been and is
educational and informative, but it is a link to many wonderful people. It
gives us a chance to learn from, exchange ideas with, and discuss issues
with, so many different artists. Personally, I am forever grateful for this
group, I just love the generous and supportive nature of the participants,
and I am honored to be among them.
I look forward to hearing about the new plans.