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tuscany/ ruthanne tudball and la meridiana

updated thu 20 jul 00


Marcia Selsor on wed 19 jul 00

Dear Clayarters,
Just back last night from Tuscany via Berlin.
I was fortunate to be staying at La Meridiana while Ruthanne Tudball
gave a great workshop on
creative rejuvination along with four soda firings. Great workshop, nice
people and exciting ideas.
Pietro topped off the last firing with a gift for Ruthanne of a
beautiful copper sprayer that looks like a piece of artwork. She was
thrilled. What a great place! I will write more later.
I really loved the soda colors and technique. I guess it it going to
steer me off on a new direction. Hope to post photos from the
experience. Digital images were frrom new Sony camera.
Ciao for now. Nice to hear Clayarters still discussing things out there.
Marcia Selsor