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hybrid wood kiln.

updated fri 21 jul 00


Lee Love on thu 20 jul 00

The Forced draft wood brought up something I have been thinking about: a
hybrid gas wood kiln. During the first part of the week, we've been
unloading the Noborigama. I especially like the work out of the Yohen
(changing chamber) chamber, just behind the firemouth. It is loaded with
charchol when it reaches temp, shortly after stoking the first chamber is
done. Much of the work is laid on its side on shells and the forms distort
a little, giving them much liveliness.

I've wondered if it would work if you made a two chamber kiln, with
the second chamber being either fired with wood and then ended with charchol
or just putting charchol in it at the end of the firing. Anybody have
experience with this type of gas/wood kiln? Seems like it would be less
complicated than firing gas/wood in the same chamber. It would also use
less wood and you could fire straight gas when you didn't want to fire the
second chamber.

Lee Love
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