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plate smashing-and a garden tour in lake george, ny

updated mon 24 jul 00


Carolyn Nygren Curran on sat 22 jul 00

Funny how customs evolve...... I have observed that during the
pre-nuptual rituals in the USA the people involved often get smashed
instead of the plates.
Do cracked pots get headaches and hangovers? If not, smashing pots
sounds like a good alternative to the booze generous wedding festivities so
common these days.
It is also fun to take one's family or friends down cellar to smash old
reject pots against a cement block wall. Sort of satisfying to do
something utterly destructive yet positive... saving the world from yet
another bunch of esthetically defective wares.
PS... If you are anywhere near Lake George, NY, do try to see the open
of Sally Millman-Taft at 572 Rt. 149 between Rt. 9 and Bay Road. , She is
opening the gardens to the public this year on July 22(too late now) and
JUly 23 plus July 29 and 30 between 10am and 4pm. Sally is an artist with
her garden, and it is something not be to missed. She also has a
collection of pottery and sculpture on display outdoors which complements
the garden borders. Lots and lots of hybrid day lilies plus many other
flowers, ornamental grasses and trees, etc. and lots of inspiration for
potters, artists, gardeners and everybody else. I have a small
installation of a portion of my recent "Totemic Landscape" project in
Sally's garden which is a tribute to her late husband Russell, but that is
a tiny, minor part of the garden. Can't say enough about the garden this
year. CNC in Glens Falls, NY