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glaze course lesson 6 part two

updated mon 31 jul 00


hal mc whinnie on sun 30 jul 00


Dennis Carib blue gloss glaze
Cone 10-11 reduction or salt

Blue glazes sell. How often have we heard this? Recently on clayart there
has been much discussion of the famous floating blue glaze, which is
probably the best selling ceramic glaze ever, invented.
I think I will patent or at least copyright it, if I did I would make either
a small fortune or go mad keeping track of all the law suits.

Dennis blue glaze appears to be very high in silica. Is this correct?

Let us see what several computer-based analyses can tell us about this

In our next lesson we shall consider the floating blue glaze problem.

Knao 0.20
Cao 0.20
Sno 0.10
Tio 0.15
Benn 0.15
Illmanite 0.15
Al2o3 0.50
Sio2 5.00

Custer spar 133
Whiting 20
Tin oxide 15
Rutile 15
Bennonite 15
Illmanite 15
Epk 72
Silica 181
Cobalt oxide 5

Homework problem for our mid term exam

Problem one

1. by substitution 133 grams of neph syneite for Custer, fire at cone 6
2. substitute 133 grams of neph syneite for Custer and add 15%colemanite, 65

Problem two
1. take the more successful of the above tests and add 20%wood ash and fire
at cone6
2. 2 take the original glaze and add 90 g wood ash and fire to cone 10

Try the problem and send me the results, I will put them all together and
report bask to the group.
If you don't use reduction try oxidation.