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thanks and solution-raku clear

updated tue 1 aug 00


Karen Shapiro on mon 31 jul 00

Hi everyone,

I want to thank all of you who sent me transparent
raku glazes to try along with all the advice. For
those of you wh o didn't follow the posts, I was
having problems with my 80/20 gb/neph.sye. clear
I finally found out the problem with the glaze. It
was a bad 50# bag of Gerstley Borate. Just what I
needed! I was in denial -- put off doing the test 'cuz
I didn't want to know that one of my two cherished
bags of GB might be bad -- but, alas, that was it. I
sure hope that by the time I finish my last remaining
good bad, someone will have solved the "GB
substitution problem"!
Thanks to one and all,

Karen in Gualala

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