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tile cutter recommendations

updated thu 3 aug 00


NCGHandmadeTile@AOL.COM on wed 2 aug 00

Hi, I have the 6" square, 4" square, 3" square, and 4 X 8" rectangle tile
cutters from Georgia's. I use them a lot. They are sized for 12%
shrinkage, so you have to understand that when you decide which clay you will
be using. They take a while to get used to using. I roll my clay out with
the slabroller, and let the slabs dry a little. If the clay is wet, the tile
will stick and not come out of the cutter right and that's when the warping
comes. I've had good luck with them after I've figured that one out. I did
my office floor with the 4 X 8, and I made over 700 tiles in just a couple of
I would like to have a tile cutter like the ones I saw at the Moravian
Pottery where they can cut out many at a time, 1X1's would be great.

Nancy G.