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small wood kiln -"60 minute" kiln

updated fri 4 aug 00


Kurt Wild on wed 2 aug 00

I posted a Clayart request for information on the "60 minute" kiln. But
found it pays to search and search. My thanks go to Jim Spears and his web
site. I found what I wanted in his "Search" section. I did check the
Clayart Archives but somehow couldn't locate what I wanted. Anyway,
I'm a "happy boy" now and I think Barney and a couple others of you out
there might will be interested in the information Stephen Mills has on
his web site. Just go to

Once there scroll down to the "Playing with Fire" section and further
scroll to the "60 minute" kiln. Be sure you eventually scroll further on
down for information on the adjustments made in the original "60 minute" kiln.

Below is a copy of Stephen's post on Clayart:

Stephen Mills on thu 7 oct 99 (

I personally find it sad that the trend should be towards ever larger
kilns, especially at colleges where they should be teaching their
students how to build affordable kilns that one person can, at a pinch,
fire on their own. This is the basic philosophy behind the Playing With
Fire courses we run each spring over here. The best example is the one I
call the 60 minute kiln, because that's how long it took a group of 5 of
us to build the first one. Double cross draught, made out of buff house
bricks (dry laid) and thick kiln shelves, held together with angle iron
and fencing wire, fires to cones 10/12 in a full day. Great fun, lovely

Steve Mills
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