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hedge apple (osage-orange) ash

updated sun 6 aug 00


Jon Singer (Avatar of Synchronicity) on sat 5 aug 00

LOWELL BAKER writes about
Osage-oranges as a glaze, and mentions a few other names.
If memory serves, the taxonomic name is _Maclura_pomifera_.

I don't, alas, think these grow in the part of Maryland
where I currently live, but I've seen them in lots of
other places, even near Seattle. Watch out for the spines
on the branches if you actually need to pick the fruits
(usually they fall off and can be gathered freely from the

I think Lowell is on to something -- many different kinds
of ash have been used in glazes, and each has its own
character. (I'm in the middle of reading Nigel Wood's
excellent new Chinese Glazes book, and he talks about this
at some length.)

Best --