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updated tue 8 aug 00


Marcia Selsor on mon 7 aug 00

Dear David,
When I visited many potters in Spain, the men (in the mass producing
places no women potters stayed at the wheels all day with clay delivered
to them and pots taken away.They used rock walls as supports. In the
older factories there was a hollow spot behind every potters' wheel
seat.I met one potter who had thrown pots for 70+ years and could he throw!

David Hendley wrote:
> I switched from sitting to standing last year, SNIP
> Modifying and padding my 'back support pole' is on my
> 'to do' list, but it's not a big priority, as it's OK like it is.
> In a detailed article in Studio Potter magazine, John Glick
> includes plans with drawings for building back supports.
> You can read the article on line at:
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> Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 7:48 AM
> Subject: Re: potters stools/stand up throwing
> | Hey all you stand up potters,
> | I recently purchased a new wheel that will allow me to stand up to throw.
> | (and I hate my old chair) I was told, and it makes good sense, that it's
> | not enough just to stand up. You need lumbar support in the form of
> | something to lean back against while throwing. To throw standing up
> | without this support is no better for the back than seated . ???
> |
> | My question is for those of you who stand. Do you lean against a wall or
> | something else? How do you support your back? Can you center large
> | amounts of clay without the body weight you are able to apply when seated?
> | Did you have to "relearn" to throw? How about tall pieces, do you use a
> | stool or something to stand on when the piece is taller than your arm
> | length? At what height did you set the wheel head?
> |
> | Catherine
> |
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Marcia Selsor