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how to host an open studio?

updated fri 11 aug 00


Jolee Chartrand on tue 8 aug 00

A weaver friend is planning an open studio (her first) in about 3 months.
She plans to invite several other local artists (myself included :-) ) to
exhibit work in her space. Since this is her first such event we are
looking for suggestions - ways to make this as successful as possible. Any
insight would be appreciated!


Jolee Chartrand
Monrovia Mudworks

Genee on thu 10 aug 00

Hi - I learned in an entrepreneur's workshop that
printing and distributing flyers is one of the least
expensive advertising techniques. They can be posted
at churches, grocery stores, bookstores, restaurants.
Costs you mostly labor and gas...

genee - in Santa Fe, doing a rain dance.

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