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how to host an open studio

updated thu 10 aug 00


Wade Blocker on wed 9 aug 00

Have each artist submit 15 or more names for a mailing list to
the weaver One person should handle this, because otherwise some artists
might renege on submitting names Have a guest book.Put the artists initial
next to the address submitted.This will tell you just who shows up.Have an
artist design a mailer. Simple refreshments, various cookies, and a coffee
urn for coffee, disposable plates and cups Again the hostess should handle
this. She should add up her expenses, printing, mailing, refreshments and
charge each artist the cost ofthe above items divided by the number of
exhibitors. I have had a similar show for a decade and found after a few
shows that the only way to handle it was to do everything myself.This
solved the problem of people forgetting what they were supposed to bring.
Choose a cashier, can be a relative , and keep track of each
artists's,sales. Price stickers should include the artists initials and
should be saved. . Have change handy for cash purchases.Set up the day
before the show. Have fun! Mia in hot ABQ