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how to have a successful, fun open studio

updated fri 11 aug 00


Chris Campbell on thu 10 aug 00

Some How Tos of an Open Studio/ House

1. Don't be cheap. Send a nice invitation, not just a three fold single sheet
that almost always gets ripped in the mail and thrown in the trash within ten

2. Don't be cheap. Have lots of snack food and beverages. People follow a
food trail so have food on every surface that also has a pot.

3. Don't be cheap. Have a wonderful door prize and everyone will sign up for
it and this will build your mailing list.

4. Don't be cheap. Sell only your very best work and get a reputation for
being a great potter.

5. Don't be cheap. Make some hang tags that tell a bit about you and put on a
removable price sticker so they can give the tag with the pot as a gift.

6. Don't be cheap. You are inviting these people into your house and
expecting them to spend some money. Give them food, music and fun so they
will return next year. Keep your eye to the future and count your first year
as a building year where you get the chance to establish your Show as a fun
event that people do not want to miss. The rest will take care of itself.

Chris Campbell - in Carolina